About KEP


KEP Italia is an Italian company founded on pure passion in 2007. The desire was to design and then produce a more comfortable, safe and innovative helmet than those available on the market up to that moment: KEP Italia wanted to offer the best helmet in the world, combining the very best available in terms of design, technology, raw materials and safety.
The very highest quality, compliance with the strictest safety regulations and aesthetic superiority have always been the key themes at KEP Italia. Lelia Polini and her closest collaborators started up with a wealth of significant experience: “We worked in collaboration with companies in the sector for many years, but I felt the need to look still further in terms of safety and style. We wanted to design something more innovative in order to offer the best to horse riders of all levels and disciplines. Safety, comfort, lightness and technical performance have always been our objectives.”
Having launched its first model, KEP Italia continued in its quest for excellence, using superior technologies and materials, applying continuous quality controls undertaken with the strictest professionalism, making every helmet fully traceable and subjecting every model to inspections by five different international safety certification bodies for the equestrian sector.
All this ensures the superior quality of KEP Italia helmets: not an advertising slogan, but a true corporate belief. “I don’t know if we will ever reach the top in the absolute sense, but we will certainly do all we can to get there,” confirms the management team. The company, located near Brescia in Northern Italy, is a firm believer in the Made in Italy label: all the raw materials and all the details that make up the KEP helmets are 100% nationally produced.
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Enthusiasm and passion are in the heart of every sportsman and woman and are the elements that lead to success. At KEP Italia, we too are motivated by these values in our daily work on safety development, knowing that this will enable us to continue to grow and evolve.
We produce the highest possible quality. Our objective is to produce the absolute best, offering helmets and accessories that will win the approval of our customers, earning their trust and loyalty to become partners in the choice of protective equipment for horse riding.
It is our daily responsibility to protect male and female horse riders by offering them the best in terms of technology, protection, quality and innovation.
We are great believers in the no-compromise ‘Made in Italy’ label: for this reason, all the components and details that make up our helmets and our accessories are 100% produced in Italy. And, in order to best represent Italian excellence, we follow very closely the latest fashions, offering models that are always perfectly on-trend.
We undertake to protect the environment. Our desire is to respect the environment in all areas of activity: we choose naturally treated and 100% safe materials only; we collect waste materials in special containers and promote environmentally sustainable disposal and the recycling of the different materials, choosing natural products for cleaning and for product conservation; and we encourage an overall eco-friendly style of working.